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Dec 12, 2017

Every piece of marketing material your company sends out to the general public or your specific industry is important, so it’s vital that the crafting and positioning of each communication is carefully thought out and placed.

A well-written, professional and strategically targeted piece has the power to strengthen people’s perceptions of your service offering and brand, Conversely, a badly put together ad can seriously damage your overall brand image.

It may seem that placing a job ad is a relatively simple procedure, but in reality these communications say a lot more to people about your brand personality and approach to business than you may think.

There are many considerations that go into creating an effective, professional job ad. It’s vital that you select the right media channels to reach your intended target audience; it’s important that ad placements are carefully chosen and timed; and it’s crucial that your ad’s content and design is polished.

But, arguably, the most important thing to bear in mind is that your ad complies with legislation – not only in terms of labour relations (LRA), but also the most recent protection of personal information (PoPI) act – as often, in cases of dispute, the court will refer to the advertised position.

Considering the prohibitive nature of the legal landscape and the fact that the skills market is highly competitive, it makes sense that you take the time to ensure that your job ad is professionally and strategically put together to ensure that it’s effective and successful on every level.

There are some basic industry guidelines to creating great job ads known as AIDA:

A Grab your reader’s ATTENTION
I Attract the relevant INTEREST
D Create a DESIRE to engage
A Prompt your reader to ACTION

Most job ads are placed online and the rules of layout for online advertising apply. If you are not restricted by the website hosting your ad, then you can use the following key layout tips:

  • Use a clear font – preferably 11 or 12 point
  • Avoid using distracting capital letters on the page for anything other than headings
  • Steer clear of underlining, italics, shadows, light colours reversed out of dark or anything gimmicky – none of these effects improve readability – they actually reduce it. Less is more, so use simple black

When creating your job ad, the following checklist will help you to incorporate all of the necessary information. Always include:

  • The job title, employer info and location
  • A description of your business activity and market position (and maybe trading hours)
  • Information about to whom the position reports, or where it fits into operations
  • A clear outline of the job role and purpose, and ideal candidate profile (always use the second-person, i.e. you, your, etc.)
  • The required experience and qualifications needed as well as role responsibility
  • Information about whether the role is full-time, short-term contract or permanent
  • A salary guide and other remuneration details, like pension, medical aid, etc.
  • An outline of applicant response and application procedures
  • An outline of the recruitment process and closing date
  • The necessary contact details, e.g. your address, telephone number, fax, email, etc.
  • A reference for the job/ad to help you analyse results
  • Your website address so applicants can learn more about your company
  • Your corporate branding integrated into the ad (optional)
  • An equal opportunities statement, if required

Remember, job seekers are one of your most valuable resources…

Attracting and hiring the right people for your company is invaluable. The quality of your job ad and brand perception will help to determine the quality of your applicants – so make it a priority to always put your job ads together with great care.

Streamline your recruitment processes today!

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