Last year ended with a tiny ray of hope for me as some of the leaders of our country started to step up and face their responsibilities.  As a result, I felt renewed and energised to ask myself what I wanted to achieve in this new year.

I had introduced several changes to my business last year that had proved positive and when I reflected on them, I kept coming back to two concepts: planning and accountability.

I was introduced to the concept of an accountability partner early on in the year. We connected monthly for a three-minute check-in during which we documented our objectives and actions for the past month. The exercise helped me to refocus on what I was supposed to be focused on rather than the many distractions that arise.

The result – positive change.  The objectives set where large, but the actions documented to achieve these were broken down in small steps taken daily, weekly and monthly, and slowly the consistent steps led to us achieving our goals.

Like any goal it’s not about doing one big thing – it’s about taking incremental steps in a certain direction. Let me give you an example we can probably all relate to…

Given the new year, the goal for many people is to change an aspect of their lives that pays attention to their health. As we all know, it’s not one big thing that’ll make the difference, but rather the little steps, like cutting out treats, increasing hydration, exercising daily that adds up to effecting change.

A concept I often talk about with business owners is the Flywheel Effect, beautifully explained by Jim Collins in his book Good to Great. It refers sticking to efficiency in trusted systems and continuous application that creates self-sustaining momentum as opposed to constant change, disruption and intervention. Successful businesses have a proven recipe that they safeguard and keep repeating and so build great brands.

As you think about your new year’s resolutions, start by planning.

Ask yourself what your business does well.

How do you do more of that?

What would you have to do to keep doing what you are renowned for?

Plan the work, then write down the plan and work that plan.

Revisit that plan and note your progress and keep focusing on your plan.

I’ve found that this process really helps to prioritise what you should be doing instead of being busy with side issues and distractions.

Need help with planning and accountability? Vizibiliti can assist. Contact us if you are serious about making plans to focus on your future.

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“There are many different factors that determine the success of your practice – but, as a busy healthcare professional focusing on the needs of your patients, you may not always have the time to focus on the many demanding, and often complex, facets of managing your business. Vizibiliti provides you with easy access to insightful, comprehensive practice and business management solutions and advice across all stages of your business journey – from establishing, growing or closing your practice.”

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