The new marketplace – A patient’s perspective

March 26, 2018

Driven largely by the high rate of smartphone adoption, digital communication is revolutionising how patients interact with their healthcare provider.  Smartphones haven’t just transformed how people find your business but also how they do business inside your four walls.

Patients come armed!

With a quick online search, patients can find all the healthcare information they need, from which service providers are situated in their area, to reviewing their symptoms and the treatments available, to reading feedback on services received by past patients.

And make no mistake, this is expected to grow as is evident in the increasing number of service comparison websites available across all industries and product categories – including medical services – and our increasing appetite to participate with our own reviews.

Patients are more empowered and more educated than ever before and come with high expectations for engagement with their medical service providers and involvement in managing their healthcare plans.

Further driving up patient expectations of their doctor is that they no longer compare their experiences in healthcare with other providers, instead looking to other industries, like retail, are doing to delight their customers.

Strategic medical professionals will quickly recognize the value of communicating more with their patients and recognise that they need to play by the rules of the new healthcare marketplace where consumers can ask questions, demand answers and, if necessary, vote with their feet.

In the new marketplace we see the following patient behaviours emerging:


  1. Patients prefer to use their mobile and digital devices as their primary communication with service providers
  2. The patient is becoming more reliant on online searches to find health information and healthcare providers
  3. Patients expect convenience, irrespective of location
  4. Patients want to fill out forms online
  5. Patients want online access to exam records and treatment plans
  6. Patients want to be educated via digital


“There are many different factors that determine the success of your practice – but, as a busy healthcare professional focusing on the needs of your patients, you may not always have the time to focus on the many demanding, and often complex, facets of managing your business. Vizibiliti provides you with easy access to insightful, comprehensive practice and business management solutions and advice across all stages of your business journey – from establishing, growing or closing your practice.”

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