The importance of following a proper recruitment process

October 2019

More and more we have experienced cases of candidates falsifying their CV’s and / or supporting documentation during the recruitment process. Candidates are desperate for work so they tailor their CV to suit the job spec or submit fraudulent supporting documents in the hope that they will get through the shortlisting process and beyond, without being caught out.

The National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Act is going through an amendment process to put contingencies in place for robust recruitment, policy amendments and fraud in general.  The new amendments will look to include the following:

  • Amend and insert certain definitions
  • Provide for the verification of all qualifications or part-qualifications
  • Provide for the formulation of criteria for evaluating foreign qualifications
  • Provide for the establishment and maintenance of separate registers of:
    • Misrepresented or fraudulent qualifications or part-qualifications
    • Professional designations
  • Provide for the referral of qualifications or part-qualifications to SAQA for verification and evaluation
  • Provide for offences and penalties which have a bearing on fraudulent qualifications and part-qualifications

It is considered an offence to falsely or fraudulently claim to hold a qualification that is registered on the NQF or awarded by an accredited institution. This includes posting on a social media account, if convicted the offender could face a fine and imprisonment up to 5 years, or both.

If a candidate is prepared to mislead a prospective employer by falsifying their CV or supporting documents to get the job, what will they do in your business?

It is imperative that you take the necessary time to complete all the checks applicable to the job. Checks may include credit, criminal, qualification, ID, reference checks and competency checks. Credit and criminal checks may only be conducted if the candidate will be involved in the finances of the business. If things do not add up, call for more supporting documentation. Rather spend the time establishing all the facts to ensure there are no fraudulent activities, than making an offer to an employee who 6 months down the line commits fraud.

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