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Vizibiliti’s management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities. We bring deep functional expertise, we are proudly known for our holistic perspective.

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What we do

Establishment of New Practice

Making the decision to start your own business can seem overwhelming. Often you won’t even know where to begin. Vizibiliti has performed this function for numerous clients over the years and has an established framework to get you started in the right way to achieving your goals. We will consider your location, funding required, potential opportunities that may already exist and introduce you to a credible, tried and tested network of professionals to support you. We will walk with you through the establishment and help you navigate all the relationships along the way.

Practice Management

Successful practice management is a complex business that has multiple layers of minuscule detail. We have spent many years understanding at a strategic and operation level what works. We tailor each practice management plan to the specific circumstances, environment and discipline. Each practice has its unique variances in operations which, given our experience and skills set, we know to consider. Starting a relationship for us is a long term investment and one we believe requires professional knowledge of the industry. At Vizbiliti we have invested in building these skills allowing you to focus on your field of expertise.

Practice Strategy & Planning

Starting with the end in mind requires the input of professionals with experience. Vizibiliti has worked with numerous professionals in various disciplines of Healthcare and has a keen appreciation for the potential obstacles and challenges in starting and growing a business.

Existing Practice Evaluation & Review

Having a sense that something is wrong without knowing exactly what it is requires experienced business management to analyse and identify how to quickly get to the root of the problem and finding a sustainable solution.

Marketing Strategy & Planning

Marketing isn’t just about trying to build sales; it’s about building relationships that cultivate loyalty. Our holistic approach balances activities between driving new patients and building long-term brand equity. You want to be the name that everybody knows. To achieve this, we’ll work with you to craft a coordinated marketing plan that focuses on sharpening your brand across all touchpoints to ensure a coherent customer experience.

Human Resourcing & Management

Attracting and retaining talent in a skills shortage market requires considerable balancing, proper planning and regulatory compliance. It is not enough today to find a friend to do a job. Vizibiliti has experience in following established Human Resource practices that are compliant with legislation and aimed at a culture of performance excellence.

Business Mentoring

Navigating your way through any stage of your business journey can often be a lonely and daunting prospect. Having access to experienced professionals who are willing to listen, guide and connect you for the best possible outcome can make the world of difference. Vizibiliti has a strategic network available to you to access for your business requirements.

Succession Planning

The unforeseen happens. But that doesn’t mean your investment in time, resources and funding over the years should go to waste. Should you need to change your situation or exit a lifetime career, Vizibiliti is there to assist you in identifying a path and potential successors.

Practice Valuation & Sale Support

Everybody believes that their business is valuable. Crystallising the exact value of a business is often an emotional experience. However, once completed it provides clarity of thinking and purpose. Vizibiliti has had extensive experience in valuing practices, preparing them for sale and successfully selling them with a win-win outcome.

Practice Expansion including Feasibility Study

In a world where skills are scarce the best professionals often find themselves needing to expand. The growth of your business requires careful planning and evaluation of all scenarios before embarking on this course.

It is not enough to just join forces with a colleague who you think might work. Selecting the right business partner for your growth is as important as choosing your partner in life. Shared values and complimentary skills and personality types have to be evaluated to ensure success.

Working with professionals who have experience and who understand the careful considerations required to make it a success is critical.

Stakeholder Relationship Management & Negotiation

Navigating successful paths to all stakeholders in your business may sometimes require the intervention of an independent third party. Vizibiliti is happy to provide you with confidential, independent support in your stakeholder relationship management.

Project Management

Achieving your goals requires dedication and focus. It needs professionals with experience to co-ordinate the skills, knowledge and resources harmoniously in a limited timeframe to ensure a successful outcome. Vizibiliti’s team successfully deliver projects in the Healthcare Industry and are highly trained professionals, freeing you up to focus on your core business.

Professional Society Administration

Legal and financially compliant professional bodies are paramount to maintaining the membership of a society. Vizibiliti will ensure this compliance, thereby freeing up the leadership to focus on the scientific and clinical development of the professionals healthcare providers.

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